I am now posting all pictures on the Neatlights Facebook page

I am leaving the older pictures here, but they will be on the Neatlights Facebook Page as well

And here is the Holiday Hut I keep all of the lightshow containers in there

Here is Michael and Linda working on the yard lights on a warm November day. and Dino sitting on a towel (far right), talk about a pampered 8 year old puppy, And below is Michael connecting the lights, and Dino on guard (looking for the ice cream truck)

Here is SnoZilla and the Light Tree, you get a better scope on how big this inflatable is in this picture. And below is our short lived Santa and Reindeer seems Santa can Fly, but the reindeer cant keep all 4 feet on the ground when a gentle wind blows, so it went back to the store (not worth $180) and if you look at the right side of this picture you will see storage containers, what I do is when I install the light show after that container is empty I will put 1 or 2 of the computer controllers in each container you see in this picture, When I took this picture the light show was 1/4 of the way installed. you can start to see all the wiring getting laid in place


and below is some older pics from a few years ago