In 2007 my system was just 16 channels, if you look at the 2007 videos I believe I could have used that configuration for the next decade....but In June 2008 Light-O-Rama was having their summer sale so I purchased 3 more controllers for a total of 64 Channels for 2008, since I am into electronics I did purchase the controller kits and assembled and did the soldering of the circuit boards. For the time involved I should have spent the extra $15.00 per controller and got them fully assembled. my advice is to buy them already assembled.The software is from Light-O-Rama too. you need to program the music called Sequences into the software and set it to sync with the music. I did Wizards in Winter and that song alone took me 100's of hours to program. I have gotten better and faster and since I did that song and  all the others so my light show is very busy.

2007 my music was

1) Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer by Clint Black

2) Step into Christmas by Elton John

3) Mr. Snow/Mr. Heat Miser (Christmas Special)

4) Sleigh Ride by The Boston Pops

5) Jingle Bell Rock by Hilary Duff

6) Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee

7) Jingle Bells by Brian Setzer

8) God  Rest Ye Merry Gentleman by Mannheim Steamroller

9) Christmas Eve Sarajevo by TSO

10) Mad Russian's Christmas by TSO

11) Wizards in Winter by TSO

Wanna Be On The Radio?

I transmit my audio via 200mW FM stereo transmitter (FCC legal) This unit was $29.00 and being a radio engineer I had to build my own unit a Ramsey Stereo Transmitter  for about $70.00, but the one I am using is the one that has PLL the $29.00 one, I mounted the whole unit in a weather-proof case (for maximum signal) and it does very well. Remember kids, It's not the power, It's the tower; Height is everything. I'm modulating on 89.5FM. I have been playing music all year through this transmitter without any problems at all.  I would highly recommend that unit. It has excellent coverage area if you mount it outside and mount it high off the ground and it can handle extreme temperture changes because its Phase Lock Loop (PLL)

Reason for the Lighting Season

On Christmas Night 2007 it was a pleasure of mine to see cars parked outside my house watching the lights and listening to it on their car stereos.  I felt almost the same way I did after my son saw them for the first time...almost.


in 2008.....I have created more sequences (songs) and I will list the new songs when I am comfortable with the way they look outside after I get the new display installed. which is starting this weekend

10/18/08  and next weekend and the following weekend :) I have/will create Arch Lights and a talking Christmas Tree and a Merry Christmas sign, each letter is controlled. and 2 Crosses, Candy Canes & Snowflakes. As of this morning

10/20/08  I have built the 2 crosses and 1 Arch light, with 1 Arch light to go. then onto constructing the MERRY CHRISTMAS thats a weekend right there.

10/28/08 over the past few weekends I have completed the Arch Lights and they are installed, I am now working on the MERRY CHRISTMAS sign, weather here has been cold & raining so I been doing lots of sequences too, I did post some new sequences on the website.

11/9/08 MERRY CHRISTMAS sign is done which is 4' high and 16' wide, candy canes are installed. crosses are placed, I'm working on the Talking Tree and I still need to connect it all together, no big deal just a weekend of me and a pair of wire cutters and a soldering iron and many connectors and a few thousand feet of 18gauge wire.

11/16/08 Running all the electrical wire still need to put the electrical connectors on, all music sequences are now done, as of 15 minutes ago I have about 20 songs. I'm happy with the way they look on the computer, I hope they look that good outside. I'll list the songs when I see the final product. I'm sticking with that I moved the date to lights on to Saturday, between work and the weather I have been to busy to get where I wanted to start on Thanksgiving night.

11/30/08 Check out the pictures I added a few, I have been sporting a bad cold for a few weeks and the weather just plan sucks. I rented an all terrain power lift to hang my lights, I'm glad I did it saved me 10's of hours of work using a 40ft ladder. I hope to have this thing lit this week

12/5/08 Well after many months and half of my family's savings (kidding) the lights are on. I worked 13 hours today in heavy snow showers ran about 7,000ft of electric. It needs some touch-ups but its ok. I even had a few cars stop tonight and watch. This is always nice to know people are watching. I will need to video tape and post the videos. I would have done it tonight because with the snow it would have looked great in video. but....later. Maybe I'll have some videos by next weekend. check back

12/19/08 WTRF TV-7 out of Wheeling West Virginia did a story on my lights go to the 2008 videos and I have it posted there for your veiwing along with all the 2008 videos.